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Serviços Secretos venezuelanos revistaram casa da ex-Procuradora-Geral da República

17 Aug 2017

Os Serviços Secretos venezuelanos (Sebin) revistaram na quarta-feira a casa da ex-Procuradora-Geral da República Luisa Ortega Díaz, em Caracas, horas depois de o procurador recém-nomeado, Tarek Saab, ter pedido a prisão do seu marido, ...

Fogo controlado em Vila de Rei entra em fase de rescaldo

17 Aug 2017

O incêndio que lavra em Vila de Rei, Castelo Branco, desde terça-feira, quando deflagrou na aldeia de Água Formosa pelas 21:00, está "em fase de resolução", disse à Lusa o presidente da Câmara Municipal.

De Mação não se sai nem se entra. Chamas continuam sem controlo

17 Aug 2017

O incêndio que está a lavrar em Mação, no distrito de Santarém, desde as 00:01 de terça-feira, cercou a sede de concelho, de onde "não se sai nem se entra", segundo o presidente da Câmara, Vasco Estrela.

Governo: Fogos mais graves registam-se em Vila de Rei e Mação

16 Aug 2017

A ministra da Administração Interna disse que esta quarta-feira lavraram 184 incêndios, sendo os mais graves os de Vila do Rei e de Mação, este último de maior dimensão, com um reforço previsto "até 1.000 operacionais".

Resultados da Cisco no quarto trimestre desiludem investidores

16 Aug 2017

A tecnológica Cisco Systems reportou esta quinta-feira os seus resultados do quarto trimestre. As receitas, apesar de superarem o esperado pelo consenso de mercado, marcaram o sétimo trimestre consecutivo em queda, o que está a pressiona...

Carlos Costa demite director que quis promover a administrador

16 Aug 2017

Rui Carvalho foi demitido após ser conhecida uma investigação do Ministério Público a uma venda de acções do BES dois dias antes da resolução. A operação envolve um funcionário do departamento de mercados e terá apanhado Carlos...

A história tem um lado certo

16 Aug 2017

Charlottesville "é uma história com dois lados", declarou o Presidente dos Estados Unidos referindo-se aos confrontos entre supremacistas brancos e nazis e defensores dos direitos humanos, alegadamente conotados com a extrema-esquerda. Pr...

Oferta do Novo Banco varia com perfil da dívida

16 Aug 2017

O Novo Banco tem de adquirir a sua dívida para gerar 500 milhões de solidez. O valor de compra varia com o perfil da dívida em causa. O mesmo acontece com as condições dos depósitos a prazo que os investidores podem fazer para minimiz...

Novo Banco oferece prémio no cupão zero

16 Aug 2017

A oferta de aquisição da dívida do Novo Banco oferece um prémio sobre o preço de mercado das obrigações de cupão zero. Objectivo é levar investidores a aceitarem a proposta, abdicando dos ganhos futuros.

Metade dos fundos europeus estão contratados

16 Aug 2017

No final de Junho, o Portugal 2020 tinha aprovado cerca de metade dos fundos europeus disponíveis, mas a taxa de execução fica-se pelos 15%. Excluindo agricultura e pescas, o ritmo do Portugal 2020 está a ser mais lento do que no QREN.

Why the Faroe Islands want independence from Denmark

8 Aug 2017

EVERY summer, Majbritt Jakobsen spends more time at her sewing machine. She makes the woollen breeches, skirts and embroidered waistcoats the Faroese wear for Olavsoka, a midsummer holiday of parades, dancing and ballad recitals. Demand is ...

Russia’s biggest war game in Europe since the cold war alarms NATO

10 Aug 2017

SEPTEMBER will be an edgy time for NATO’s front-line member states. For a week in the middle of the month, Russia will be running what is being described as the biggest military exercise in Europe since the end of the cold war. The build-...

Explaining the lack of rain in Spain (and Italy)

10 Aug 2017

THE Gonella Hut, more than 3,000 metres up on the Italian side of Monte Bianco, should be bustling with climbers in August. Instead, it is empty. Davide Gonella, the manager, closed it at the end of last month for lack of water.“The snowf...

Agrokor, the supermarket whose collapse threatens the Balkans

10 Aug 2017

IN CROATIA idyllic scenes can alter quickly. On good days, its holiday resorts are a haven for swimmers and sailors. But only a few miles inland, there are barren mountains where tempests can blow up fast and then whistle along the coast. T...

Why France and Italy can’t help clashing

10 Aug 2017

CAST your mind back to July 9th, 2006. Italy had just won the World Cup. Charlemagne was in Rome and joined the rumbustious football fans marching through the centre. A great victory, he said to the young woman next to him. “Yes,” she s...

America’s new economic sanctions may hurt Russia’s recovery

3 Aug 2017

IN LATE June Daimler, a German carmaker, broke ground on a new Mercedes-Benz plant north-west of Moscow. “We are confident in the long-term potential of Russia,” Markus Schäfer, a board member, said at the ceremony. The €250m ($296m)...

Ukrainian immigrants are powering Poland’s economy

31 Jul 2017

POLAND’S most visible labour market begins shortly after dawn. About 30 women and a similar number of men wait in separate groups beside a road half an hour’s drive south of Warsaw. The eager stand at the kerb, craning their necks to se...

America may offer Ukraine weapons to repel Russia

3 Aug 2017

WHEN Russian members of parliament uncorked champagne to celebrate the electoral victory of Donald Trump, they hoped that America would stop meddling in the former Soviet backyard and ease sanctions imposed in response to its war in Ukraine...

Disney has built a pseudo-Paris near Paris

3 Aug 2017

There’s a new chef in townONE of the newer attractions at Disneyland Paris is “Ratatouille: The Adventure”, a ride through Paris as seen by Rémy, the movie’s rodent gastronome hero. Located in a twee movie-set version of the city, ...

Germany’s election campaign ignores the country’s deeper challenges

3 Aug 2017

THESE are political times. American democracy produces more drama in a week than it used to in a year. In France the forces of globalism and nationalism are locked in combat. In Britain nation-changing votes have become annual events. Brend...

HMS Queen Elizabeth: Britain's new aircraft arrives

16 Aug 2017

Britain's largest aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth arrived at its home port in Portsmouth on Wednesday making its first public appearance.

Technologies allow paralyzed man to live well

16 Aug 2017

Ten years after an accident left him paralyzed, Tom Nabarro is using multiple forms of technology to live the live he wants. He hopes brain-computer interfaces could take him even further.

Homeless hero from Manchester attack charged with theft

16 Aug 2017

Chris Parker, a homeless man who was hailed as a hero in the wake of the Manchester Arena terror attack, has been charged with two counts of theft on the same night.

German party posts photo of wrong country

16 Aug 2017

It's an embarrassing error for any political party to make, let alone a nationalist one. On Monday, a branch of Germany's far-right AfD (Alternatives for Germany) tweeted a picture of a mountain landscape with the headline "Our program for ...

Could a new political movement stop Brexit?

11 Aug 2017

The campaign to prevent Britain leaving the EU, such as one exists, is not being led by a charismatic politician from Britain, nor even by wistful Eurocrats in Brussels. Instead, the standard-bearer of the anti-Brexit charge -- at least whi...

French pizzeria rammed by car; one dead

15 Aug 2017

A car was intentionally rammed into a pizzeria east of Paris Monday night, leaving one person dead and seven injured, according to the French Interior Ministry.

Ronaldo banned for five games after red card

16 Aug 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo can't stop making headlines, but a stunning goal, a topless celebration, and a red card -- all in just 23 minutes -- was quite the cameo even for the Real Madrid star.


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